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History Of AXA French Multinational Insurance Company (1958-2018)

History Of AXA French Multinational Insurance Company (1958-2018)
History Of AXA French Multinational Insurance Company (1958-2018)

AXA's unbelievable journey was born out of the dedication of some of men and ladies, LED by Claude Bébéar, whose dream was to rework a little mutual insurance firm from the geographic area into a world leader for insurance.
1958 - 1980:)
The rise of a brief mutual insurance firm from the geographic area
AXA's origins are also derived back to a short mutual nondepository financial organization from nation-state Ancienne Mutuelle First State Rouen, created at intervals the first nineteenth century and specialized in property and casualty insurance.

The inauguration of the new headquarters in Belbeuf
22000 money supply of extraordinarily fashionable offices, with construction prices representing nearly 100 percent of the company’s assets!
A crazy project, but the stakes are high: Ancienne Mutuelle’s new headquarters in Belbeuf ought to produce it achievable to interrupt removed from the image of a “small provincial mutual”
and empower its workers to dream.
In 2018, once forty 3 years at this historic web site, AXA moves to Isneauville, a few miles away, with offices that are…extremely modern!

Claude Bébéar joins Ancienne Mutuelle First State Rouen as deputy director.
The company’s new headquarters square measure inaugurated in Belbeuf, against a scenery of widespread social unrest in France (May 1968).
Claude Bébéar becomes chief executive officer of Ancienne Mutuelle at the age of forty.
Ancienne Mutuelle changes its name to “Mutuelles Unies”.
1980 - 1990:)
AXA makes its mark in France
In France, once twenty 5 years con, a leftist government takes power in 1981.
This brings the looming risk of major nationalization programs targeting private insurance companies.

The AXA name, which might be scan all told languages, is launched.
However, the Group’s varied firms don't switch to the AXA complete till the first Nineteen Nineties.
The cluster holds its initial “major” seminar, conveyance along eighty-six executives in Niger’s Ténéré Desert.
Compagnie du Midi is noninheritable, AXA is currently listed on the exchange.
The cluster takes its initial international steps, getting into the united kingdom, Netherlands and Germany.
The Drouot cluster, France’s leading insurance firm, is afraid that it would be enclosed within the list of succeeding companies known for nationalization associate degreed discusses opportunities for an alliance with Claude Bébéar.
In 1982, following several unbelievable developments, AXA – still called “Mutuelles Unies” – acquires Drouot.
This is followed by 2 additional acquisitions – the Présence cluster (1986) and Compagnie du Midi (1989) – that propel AXA into second place on the French insurance market, behind UAP.
However, in 1986, the recent oral communication “three’s a crowd” proves right as disputes begin to flare up between Drouot, Mutuelles Unies, and Présence, as every of the Group’s elements appearance to
take center stage. To bring everybody on board for the strategy, Claude Bébéar and his chief of workers Françoise Colloc’h take all the executives off to the Ténéré Desert.
This shared experience paves the approach for a really united cluster and support for one single name: AXA.

A majority interest is noninheritable within the United States of America life insurance firm evenhanded.
AXA Hearts In Action is made, AXA’s worker volunteering program.
1994The “Ambitions 2001” strategic set up is launched. Objective: to be planet #1 by 2001.
The cluster takes its initial steps in Asia, getting associate degree interest within the Australian cluster National Mutual and its Hong Kong-based subsidiary.
AXA merges with UAP to become France’s #1 insurance firm and significantly strengthens its presence in Europe.
2001 is marked by the explosive of the dot-com bubble and also the tragic 9-11 terrorist attacks. an ideal storm…
Henri First State Castries takes over from Claude Bébéar.
The Swiss firm Winterthur is noninheritable. the standard of the mixing method highlights AXA’s experience during this space.
The AXA analysis Fund is made.
AXA is that the #1 international insurance complete within the Interbrand rankings.
Earthquakes in Japan and New Sjaelland, Arab Spring, Eurozone crisis…The early 2010s convert is a turbulent time.

The Ambition AXA strategic set up is launched, centered on a selective approach to mature markets, whereas fast-rising markets.
AXA is a political candidate partner of the COP21 global climate change event and divests its industry assets.
Thomas Buberl and Denis Duverne take over from Henri First State Castries.
An innovation department is made to support the remunerator to Partner vision.
With the acquisition of the XL cluster, AXA becomes the world’s #1 industrial P&C insurance firm.

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