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AXA French multinational insurance Company

AXA French multinational insurance Company:

History Of AXA:)
AXA is a French multinational insurance Company. It is providing services globally. This company was first held in 1816. About 203 years ago. Claude Bébéar founded the company in 1816. It's Head Office is 25 Avenue Matignon, Paris, France. Thomas Buberl is The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of this company(AXA) and Denis Duverne is the Chairman of the Board. This company works with life, health, property and casualty insurance, about investment. Revenues of AXA in 2017 increased by € 132.593 billion and operating income decreased by € 7.686 billion and also AUM Increase €1,438,532 million. In this year, total Assets decreased to € 870,128 million and Total Equity Decrease to €69,611 million. And till 31 December 2017, 116,514 number of employees decrease.

AXA Products Services:)
From AXA you can take services of Individuals, Professionals, and BUSINESSES, contracts, products or services. If you want AXA can be able to work anywhere from anywhere in the world.

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Ambition Of 2020:)
After the success Ambition AXA, we've got a superb place to begin to pursue our transformation, align with our customers’ new desires and expectations, and grow during a difficult economic environment”,
said Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA.
Ambition 2020 is going to be underpinned by 2 key strategic pillars: Focus and rework.

“Focus, the primary pillar of our strategy, is regarding taking actions these days to make sure we tend to deliver what our stakeholders expect from the United States of America. At the same time, the second pillar is to transform our company to ensure tomorrow’s growth”, explained Thomas Buberl
This strategy is mirrored in our money targets, that center on furthering our growth and fast our transformation: as forever, to best serve our customers.

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AXA Customer Service And Contact Information:)
AXA Data Privacy:)

25 avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris, France Corporate Responsibility | Corporate Philanthropy:)
AXA company Responsibility, twenty-five avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris, France;

AXA cluster - Media Relations Department twenty five avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris - France;
Mobile Or Phone : +33140754668

Contact Info:
Group Of AXA Individual Shareholder Relations Department, 25 avenue Matignon
75008 Paris - France;
Phone Number: +33140754843 (Outside Of France)

AXA Investor Relations Department, 25 avenue Matignon 75008 Paris, France;

Andrew Wallace-Barnett || Head Of Investor Relations:) +33140754685

FranÇoiS Boissin || Vice President:) +33140753982

Aayush Poddar || Vice President:) +33140755917

Shantanu Priya || Financial Analyst:) +33140755844

Mathias SCHVALLINGER || Financial Analyst:) +33140753920

Alix Sicaud || Financial Analyst:) +33140755666

Lois Marcopoulos || Head Of Corporate Access:) +33140755895

HÉiÈne Pedelmas || Team Assistant:) +33140754842

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